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About Our WSM

The World Sports Massage Federation (WSM) is a non-profit organization established in 1981 by Dr. A.A. Biryukov (a chief professor of Sports Massage, Lenin Central Sports University, Moscow, Russia) with the scholars of sports medicine and sports massage around the world.


WSM builds close contact with the experts of sports massage, medicine, and sports around the world, communicates with sports organizations, and supports the best sports massage teams trained by WSM when International Olympic Committee, World Championship Organization and FIFA requires.

We hope to serve the world's sports competitions can be held safely and successfully through sports massage. And we also hope to help people around the world harmonize and communicate regardless of their nationality and race, and contribute to the development of sports massage and world sports.

We send a registration certificate to the applicant organization after we complete the registration review for the training program when massage associations and sports massage associations around the world ask for accession certification.

Members of WSM need to participate in volunteering in cooperation with WSM's sports massage specialists when the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FIFA International Football Federation and the World Championship Organizing Committee request assistance.

WSM is working hard to develop global sports through sports massages and to improve the welfare of sports massage experts around the world. In particular, for the development of sports massage science, we prepare a foundation for sports medicine knowledge of sports massage experts around the world and strive to improve technology through clinical research and academic seminars on sports massage..