World Sports Massage Federation


Sports massage is a bare-handed sports manual therapy that prevents injuries to sportsmen's muscles and joints And it allows them to exercise the athletes’ functions as much as possible during sports activities.

Sports massage specialists are sports massage specialists who are trained in basic sports anatomy, motor physiology, motor function, sports massage theory and practical techniques based on sports medicine and are certified as sports massage specialists in various sports teams.


The history of sports massage is very old, and according to records, there was a dedicated massage room for gladiators at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, in 70 AD, to manage their physical strength in gladiatorial events such as sports, and it was the first sports massage record in the ancient book.

Sports massage was first introduced at the 2nd Paris Olympic Games in the 1900s to prevent injuries and improve performance. Since then, sports massage has been recognized as the best way to manage athletes' physical strength.

Sports massage teaches sports massage at universities in all countries around the world, and in order to work as a sports massage expert, you must graduate from massage-related universities according to national qualification standards or complete regular education at massage education institutions and then you can work as a sports massage expert.

Sports Massage is the best prestigious study and the best player physical management program, as countless research cases are published around the world, and bachelor's and master's degrees are awarded as official degrees.

The world's top authority on sports massage is Dr. A.A. Biryukov, head of the Department of Sports Medicine at the Central University of Physical Education in Moscow and the first president of WSM. He died in 2020 at the age of 90 when he was awarded the "Pierre de Coubertin" medal, an Olympic medal.


Currently, the world's most prestigious authority in Spomasa Geography is Dr. Kim Tae-young, the fourth president of the World Sports Massage Federation (WSM). He was the president of the Korea Sports Massage Qualification Association and served as a sports doctor and general manager of sports massages in numerous world-class sports events, including the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

Dr. Kim Tae-young is the world's leading authority in sports massage technology development and distribution of sports massage technology, including a member of the world's legendary rock group Queen and world-renowned film music master Hans Zimmer.